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How to make saddle in Minecraft PE?


Unfortunately, the saddle is one of many items that cannot be crafted in the Minecraft PE. The creators of the Mojang decided that the saddle should be a valuable subject that should be disposed of or re-created. Only a stubborn search for the player must cut this subject.

Find the same saddle in the treasures deep under ground, next to spawners. If you go down into the dark caves do not really want, you need to look near the NPC village and, going into it, find a butcher (he will be dressed in white apron). For a fee in the form of 6-7 emeralds he will agree to sell the saddle.

Clicking on a horse or a pig, when the saddle is active the subject, you can ride the animal. Fans of "achievements" in Minecraft you need to remember that to do Bareback not have the achievement "When Pigs Fly", which requires to jump on the pig from above. On servers, the saddle is often the subject of commercial transactions, which speaks of the importance of that item in the game.

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That's sad that you can't craft a saddle I was really hoping that I could ride my horse in survivle mode with no cheats (as in turning it into creative) confused