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What can you make out of wool in Minecraft PE?


You need to design the carpet for the floor color or pattern for secret doors, and maybe the player needed to get a nice sofa? In order to implement his plan in the world of Minecraft PE, gamers will need wool. Yes, this material is used in the crafting of the aforementioned items. The main source of wool, as you may have guessed, are sheep. Another alternative way of crafting this useful material threads are. To them easier if the player has spawn spiders. Another interesting feature of wool, is the possibility of staining in different colors. And white wool colored in any desired shades of dye, you will not tell about the colored wool block. In order to save the dye can be directly dyed sheep.

Methods of production of wool
— to tame a sheep and to cut it with scissors. The result — several blocks of wool.
— to kill a sheep. The result — only one block of wool.
— use the workbench thread (need 4 units). Open the workbench and have threads in the following way — first the number of reserve completely empty, the second and third filled in only the first two cells. The thread falls out of the spider after obsession over him win. The result — 1 wool block.

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