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How to make a weapon out of wood and blocks in Minecraft PE?


While the player works on resource extraction and the construction of temporary or permanent dwelling, attacks hostile mobs in Minecraft has not been canceled. And I want the player or not — he needs to be ready for battle. So what to do if the majority of the materials have not yet been found? Firstly, do not panic. It is always possible to make the weapons from what is at hand — wood. Chop a lot of it, in order to have enough to craft two blocks of planks and sticks. That is how much resources need to be in minecraft to make a weapon out of wood — a wooden sword capable of hitting mobs after six strokes.

The crafting recipe is as follows:

In the mesh workbench distributed components. Fill blocks from boards every COO cell of the first and second row. Then, take a stick and set it in the middle cell of the third row. As a result, one unit of military weapons.

Another type of weapon crafted using wood, is the bow and arrow. They are made individually. First, make a bow. Would require three wooden sticks and three strings. If sticks to make is not difficult, it is possible to get the filament in two ways. The first threat — the battle with the spider, the second one is more loyal. It consists in collecting web the sword of morning in the forest. The process of making the bow looks like this:

  • First row — on the web, a wooden stick, an empty cell.
  • Second row — cobwebs, an empty cell, a wooden stick.
  • Third row — wide web, a wooden stick, an empty cell.

    As a result, the finished bow, put in action which is possible only with the help of arrows. For their crafting should take the flint, stick and feather.

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