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How to make a sword in Minecraft PE?


Hike through the jungle, exploring caves, tree felling, farming, horticulture in Minecraft – all of these peaceful activities can turn into a nightmare if the player sees the aggressive mobs. Therefore, it is necessary to carry in the first cell of the inventory, the sword. And any – even diamond, though wooden.

For crafting the sword, the player will need two pieces of material for the blade (you can use diamonds, gold, iron, cobblestone and wood) and one stick, which will be the handle. Open the craft window, you need the middle column at the bottom to set the pole and two cells above fill ("cell blade"), for example, iron ingots.

To attack with a sword you need by clicking the left mouse button, and stand up in defense will help squeezed right button. Crafting a sword is a weapon for close combat. It will help to fend off unexpected attacks. Experienced players put in your inventory the sword so that it was one of the first cells. Subjecting the glamoring you can get different effects, giving, for example, folding or fire mobs.


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