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How to make a sign (plate) in Minecraft PE?


Undoubtedly, playing Minecraft, the player noticed the colorful signs near caves, chests, platforms and territories. In this case, these thin blocks perform the role of a pointer. Not made of very durable material, plates are often used in the armrests of the seats or sofas in the house. And with properties to resist moisture, the player can be used as a building material for fences to prevent the penetration of water and lava. If the label carries the information (the important inscription written by the user) — it is mounted by digging in the ground, put under water or hung on the wall.

User helpful to know that once under water with a sign, there he was easily able to form an air bubble.

Make the plate easier. The basis for her wood will be, because one way or another, all of the material for crafting plaques originally made of wood. For construction signs to need to do six sets of planks and a stick. Then, all available components, to distribute in the mesh workbench. And doing it this way:

  • The first two rows filled in blocks of boards.
  • In the third, only to be filled in the average cell. Where you need to place the stick.

    As a result — the finished plate, which can be installed in any place at its sole discretion.

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