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How to make a rails in Minecraft PE?


Often in Minecraft PE it turns out that in one place the player has already explored, cut down all the trees and dug up all the resources in the ground. Then, selecting a place, he begins to move. But almost always it turns out that with a dozen chests are already Packed to the brim with useful things, and cannot carry it all, scoring equipment, not so easy (and spent a lot of time). In this case, the player will help track and trolley with a trunk.

Crafting rails is easy. For receiving rails 16 need to take 6 iron ingots and one stick, which will perform the role of sleepers. Open the craft window, you need to fill in the left and right column of iron ingots, and in the center of the middle column to set the stick. You can also get rails, if you go down to an abandoned mine underground.

However, simply installing rails cannot be forced to drive the truck yourself. There are two options – on rails you can push a wheelbarrow with a stove, which will push a few cars ahead, or to use electric rails that will cause an acceleration of the trolleys.

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04 Dec 2015
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