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How to make a piston in Minecraft PE?


Today, if you do not know the system of crafting and all their fixtures in the Minecraft PE - not gonna leave. So I decided to create this little guide that will tell You about how the game can be very easy to cope with the challenge of crafting a working piston.

Usually pistons in Minecraft PE served to activate some blocks in the game. After the piston was pushed some elements in the game started to move and so on. Just in - the rams start any mechanism and make it work and quite "full" in the work. For example, pistons can start actions: elevators, doors, traps and other mechanisms. For correct operation and performance of mechanisms, in principle, You will need a red dust track built in from the piston to the block mechanism. Usually such dust - Redstone.

Yes, piston to create a task not very difficult, but the difficulty here is slightly different - it farm resources, complex resources to create this mechanism. The most difficult component is the mucus, but if You're in the game for a long time and You know where these monsters spawn - no problems!

A recipe or so-called manual:

  • Produced a few boards, a huge stone, Redstone (red dust) and a little iron.
  • Put the items in sequence.
  • To create a sticky piston you need to put the goo directly on the piston.

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