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How to make a of gold in Minecraft PE?


After accumulating a bit of gold in Minecraft the question arises — what can be made out of gold? Answer — the player can expect to craft a variety of useful items that will make the virtual world of the game even brighter and more interesting. Among the available methods of making gold ingots marked by the smelting of mined at great depth gold ore, production of gold nuggets and gold reproduction of ready blocks. Also remember, traveling in a desert or the depths of the jungle, look at the temples built there. It's no secret that most of the players found there are some gold bars at the same time.

Gold, as a component for crafting

Having a gold bar, you can make a number of auxiliary items, such as:
— The sword is taken two bars of gold.
— Armor — crafting used about ten of the precious ingots.
— Golden block in order to fold you must have nine gold ingots.
Watch for crafting takes four of the ingot.
— Golden Apple, is able to satisfy your hunger and regenerate the hero's health over four seconds. For crafting take the five precious ingots.
— Electric rails used in the game, for movement of the trolley. You need to have at least six bars of gold.

As for the picks and shovels made from this material — they do not represent a too great strength. But appreciated by the players for the increased sensitivity to spells. As an example, a gold helmet — under the spell of the "Affinity with water", essential in the works in the aquatic abyss.

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