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How to make a glass in Minecraft PE?


Decoration possibilities in Minecraft PE limited only by the imagination of the players. A list of units was prepared by the developers at Mojang to please the users who decided to decorate your home. One of the first blocks for decoration, which appeared in the Classic version, is glass.

To get glass, you need to spend probably one of the easiest things to find sand and bake it in the oven. Often players build giant structures (tents, domes, submarine base) made of glass, which requires large resources. There are some tricks: simplify the process of collecting sand, for example, will allow the use of a shovel, and remove incorrectly installed glass block will help the sword. After the destruction of the glass doesn't drop to the drop, that the deficit causes the material to act more carefully.

Also, the glass can be painted. Opening the craft window of the workbench, you need to the Central unit to set the dye required to color, and the remaining empty cells around to fill in blocks of glass. Through such not too expensive the craft will have 8 blocks of colored glass.

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