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How to make a flower bed in Minecraft PE?


Nice to know that developers online-sandbox Minecraft every detail in the game. Want to fight mobs — please only produce a weapon. Want to get the right mineral for you tool. Need for refreshments or to arrange the adjacent territory without any problems, use the patch. In minecraft how to make a flower bed? If a player has a hoe, then simply. Take the tool and go to the block of land or grass, and then sparite it.

Well if the processed blocks will be located in water, at a distance not further than every four blocks. After treatment in the garden will be planted wheat seeds, watermelon, carrots, pumpkins and potatoes, which require systematic irrigation. Watered the seeds in the garden grow better. The seedbed doesn't dry out — and to trample it much harder. And trample the plowed earth all mobs, except wolves and domesticated cats.

To Prevent destruction of the beds mobs — it helps to build the fence in the form of several blocks of glass.
Another feature of the beds is that the user, if desired, can be planted on it in different colors. The difference of course will not be particularly noticeable. Because, they will grow with the same power as on normal earth.

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08 Dec 2015
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