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How to grow mushrooms in Minecraft PE?


All about the reproduction of mushrooms

So, the main features of cultivation:
— A room with a lighting level of not more than twelve. In open space all the mushrooms, with the coming of day, will be lost. So that with this feature you will also need to be considered.
— The unit where you will be for breeding, should have good size and to be completely transparent. Perfect stone, cobble, or even block boards.

- Block where to grow the fungus must be placed with the adjacent block at the same height or a step higher or lower. Therefore, the chance that fungus will grow at close units equal to 50 percent, and below or above only 25 percent.

— A place (block) for the cultivation of red or brown mushrooms (the main types of mushrooms that are grown in the game) should be resistant to the action of lava and water.
— Maternal place the mushrooms in a checkerboard pattern, then the block where the planned cultivation of the fungus will affect the energy of four related fungi. Thus, a new fungus will grow sooner.

As a result — with respect to fundamental instructions for the cultivation of mushrooms, the user will acquire the desired quantity.

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