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How to fish in Minecraft PE?


As expected — in the virtual world of Minecraft player, as well as domesticated animals they need to eat. Good food — the key to a large number of lives that will be required in dealing with evil mobs or in the process of resource extraction. One kind of food is raw fish. It can be eaten raw, cook on the fire, to feed domesticated cats or tame ocelots. Now, to find where the usual fish — is easy. Indeed, in all open water you can get from the animals. However, it's unobtrusive, unlike octopuses.

Go fishing — outfit

So for fishing the player will need to craft a fishing rod. To do this, take a stick (three pieces) and two threads.

If you plan on fishing is not on the beach and in the water area of the reservoir — it will not hurt to make a boat. When the right amount of tools made are going for the catch. It is important to know that if you are throwing rods (right click) the float calmly on the water, it is unlikely soon caught the first fish. A good indication that the fish is full — float lightly swaying on the water surface. In addition, if the pond is too small, be careful not to lose the float in the sand or between stones.

Let us now return to our fishing. Thus, the rod abandoned, the float sways gently on the waves. The player must catch the moment when he will go under water (and this means fish on the hook) and press the right mouse button, so that the fish have moved into the inventory. If done correctly, the user probably will be happy with the first catch.

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