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How in minecraft to make a portal to the end?


Third dimension it's End, is a fascinating world of reality Minecraft PE.
To go there to help the player portal. It is possible to construct your own, or carefully look around and find the entrance to the mysterious world.

Pros for the player to fall in the End
The main reason for the teleport at the End — the victory over the Dragon Territory. For killing this mob is given a large amount of experience, so too good to miss in any case impossible.

Looks like a portal and where to find it?
The portal itself is in the Edge has a bluish color and is primarily located in the fortress. So, getting there, the player must find the room with lava pool and a ladder leading to the portal. To activate the portal you need the presence of the "eye Region". The design of the portal they already exist, but in insufficient quantities.

To complete activation you need to add the missing elements — 12 the eyes of the Endermen. The last fire made from powder and pearls Endermen.

This component will help you to find the portal hidden in the tower. It happens that when the eyes pop with the right mouse button, and shows the way to the land down under or in the water. Then it is possible that the portal being in a cave or under water.

Is it possible to do it yourself?
Make a portal in creative mode or using in the standard mode of the administrative team. You can use them by downloading the pre-modification TooManyItems. For example, for the construction of the portal will need 12 blocks of the portal, and the same eyes of undermenu. In order to get the desired number, use the command /give item ID 12 (number of subjects). Accordingly, blocks of ID — 120, ID-eye edge — 381.

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12 Apr 2016
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