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What you can make from slime in Minecraft PE?


There are situations where the player just need to land properly from a great height. How to do this in Minecraft PE, with minimal losses and injuries? The solution to this issue is to buildings characteristics of clots of slime, which is produced near swamps and lakes, in deep holes.

Features extraction
So, to find at least one unit of slime and you need to find a place of residence of small and large slugs. The most popular place of their residence biome "Swamp". Likelihood to get what you went in this place of the most high. Mucus is produced by spawn with these creatures.

Features application
Slime the player may need at different stages. So, at the beginning of your path in the game you will need for making a leash for domesticated animals. Then, as mentioned above, with her you can craft the sticky piston. Which makes the jump of the player safe. This piston is often applied for construction of traps, because the slime slows the movement.
Other variants of application of the slime — craft clot of magma.

For the procedure of manufacturing the block of mucus will take the bench and 9 pieces of clots of mucus. Fill in all the cells of a workbench and as a result, we get the unit for compact storage of mucus.

If you need to make a leash, you need to take a few ingredients — thread (3 units) and a bunch of mucus (1 unit). Open the workbench and in the first row fill the first two cells of the filaments. Two cells of the second row thread and a bunch of mucus and the Central cell of the third row of one thread. All ready leash.

But for crafting a slimy (sticky) piston is necessary the presence of one unit of slime. It is located in the Central cell of the workbench. And the piston is located immediately under the mucus.

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