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How to make a Bars in Minecraft PE?


What you can construct in Minecraft PE, if the player has accumulated quite a lot of iron blocks? In addition to weapons, different kinds of mechanisms, the user can crafted a simple and effective fixture — iron Bars. It performs so many useful functions that can help in different situations.

The advantages of iron bars
Don't need to know many nuances — in order to install such a device. So, if a player familiar with the intricacies of installing glass panels, in principle, the installation of the Bars he understand is quite simple.

So, the main advantages of use:
— Application in the design of the water passages in the world — the lattice is not water tight and the player can move freely under them, without losing the ability to breathe air.
— Protection from explosions of dynamite. The explosion destroyed the structure of the grid, and the player remains intact.
— The division of the territory by fencing helps to protect yourself from far away hostile mobs, for which it becomes an impenetrable prison.

For the manufacture of iron bars, will not require too long list of ingredients. All you need is a six blocks of iron and a workbench. Open it and fill the cells from top to bottom. So that the first row remained empty. As a result, 16 iron bars, one treatment crafts.

Another method for the production of lattices — is the ability to find the eyes of Ender. It will help to see where exactly in the fortress located devices, which is not possible to make yourself.

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