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Distant lands in Minecraft PE


In pocket edition Minecraft PE, there are Distant lands. And now I'll tell You how to reach them and what they are.

Let's start from the beginning. How to find them?

To find Distant lands, we need to move away from spawn 12 550 800 blocks (Yes, I'm not mistaken). As You might guess, the usual Jogging or using flight in creative mode, make it almost impossible. Other people's calculations to search for Distant lands have 820 hours of real time.

For this we use console commands. Don't forget to enable cheats.

We need commands:
  • /tp or /teleport - teleport to coordinates.
  • /tp or /teleport - teleport a specific player to the coordinates.

    Read more about :
  • x, z coordinates when moving to the sides.
  • y - height.

    You need this command to move to 12 550 800 blocks from spawn, for example:
    /tp Steve (or another nickname if You have it changed) 12550800 100 1255000 - this command will move You to the corner Far lands, which are below. When teleporting You may very lag because the Distant earth - error generation.

    Now more about what Faraway land.

    Distant lands - territories very distant from spawn. Here physics stops working, works incorrectly lighting, and all the blocks begin to let the player through,. Stand on the block it is impossible. To play, respectively, at this site, will not work. And does the game starts to fail terribly.

    So that there is corner Far lands?
    The screenshot below shows an area in the world of Minecraft PE. The corner Far lands are generated a bit differently than the extreme.

    Here is an example of the corner Far lands:

    And finally, some interesting screenshots:

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