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Ancient guard in Minecraft PE


This guide was created for players who want to know everything about the mobs. Here I will tell You about the ancient guardians in Minecraft PE.

Ancient guard applies to hostile mobs(Attacking player, even if he appeared in the zone of their visibility).

Ancient guardian is a new mob in Minecraft PE, added with the underwater temples in the game. The ancient guardians will spawn only inside the underwater temples, 3 mob strictly for the whole Church in certain rooms. Has 80 hp (40 hearts).

While at least one ancient guardian is alive in the temple, the player will infinitely superimposed effect of fatigue III. This effect can be removed with milk, but fundamentally it will not solve the problem.

Largely ancient guard like normal, just with more impressive characteristics. For the battle with the ancient guardian, it is recommended to have at least a set of diamond armor (mostly boots, enchanted on an underwater walk and underwater breathing potions.

As for the drop, here, I will paint, You will have:
  • Raw fish
  • Prismarine splinter
  • Prismarine crystal
  • A wet sponge when killing a player

    Ancient guard and sheep are the only mobs drop blocks.

    That's about it. Later will guide fully-to seize the temple, expect.

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