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Download Minecraft PE v0.12.3


As the name of the picture shows, this is Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.12.3, dedicated to the famous holiday. This holiday in the past centuries kept people in fear, but now we are talking about kids who will dress up in beautiful costumes and demand sweets from passers-by and residents of houses. Well, you will succeed if you download this version 0.12.3:

As for the changes, to begin with, a lot of errors have been fixed, which it makes no
  • sense to list

  • Secondly, the creators have worked hard and made a Halloween skin that is exactly what you like

  • Creatures are now in the spirit of Halloween

So we have a new holiday version with bug fixes and the addition of painted creatures. We don't have to wait for big and large-scale changes yet. See what the : latest version of minecraft is and don't forget to tell us about us on social networks and leave comments. And here are some more screenshots for the latest version

Which of the features in this update did you like the most?
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03 Nov 2015
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