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Download Minecraft PE v0.14.0 release full version


It's been quite a while, and the last stable version of minecraft PE was 0.13. It was really justified after all the best was added. All major bugs were identified in five builds before the final release of the game. But it's time to give way to another 0.14.0 release, already new and more promising.


  • Almost completed Realms. Now the functional test will have such an opportunity.
  • A whole "family" of new monsters will appear in the normal game world.
  • NetherWorld will be filled with several creatures.
  • The mechanisms working on the basis of "Requirements" have expanded. There are more of them.
  • The menu and game options have been significantly changed.
  • Some unused buttons have been removed, and a new one has also been added.

Minecraft Release Date 0.14.0

There is no exact release date for new additions to the already well-known and very popular pocket version of Minecraft 0.14. But that's okay. We managed to get among the developers' messages and, after reading some social networks and forums, came to the conclusion that a new addition should be expected very soon.

Judging by the fact that information has increasingly begun to arrive about what awaits us in the near future, we can judge that the 14th version of minecraft will not be released this year, but this should be expected next year, or rather in mid-January. Apparently, the add-on will be released on January 15-17, alpha and beta tests have already begun.

Planned features

Have you ever wondered what awaits us in the next big version? And this is right, because more and more often we receive information from different sources about various additions that are waiting for us in the future. Of course, the most important of them, according to most, is the presence of witches in the game. It's not just mobs with magic and skills, it's most likely whole settlements of witches.
Thanks to the witches in the game, you can finally do something advanced, for example, infiltrate their ranks. But we'll find out later.
  • Witches and their settlements in the dark forests.
  • Expansion of backpack settings cells, additional tabs.
  • The system "Realms"
  • and much more are almost ready.

What's new

  • Repeaters, comparators, dispensers, extractors, hoppers, chests, traps, cart with chest/dynamite/funnel
  • Witches! Beware when they throw you into potions. They can slow down the player or even poison.
  • Painting of armor. Tired of the usual armor? Try more than 10,000,000 colors.
  • Put the pants in the pot along with the paint and enjoy the new design!
  • Frame. Attach a map to remember your adventures.
  • The ability to wear pumpkin-headed mobs on your head.
  • And also fixed a lot of bugs.

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