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Download Minecraft PE - Pocket Edition v0.15.2


The next release of the full version of Minecraft Pocket Edition took place, now it has a number called 0.15.2. Following from the developers' tweets, this is done to fix various errors that were observed in Minecraft PE versions 0.15.1 and Minecraft PE 0.15.0. In version 0.15.2, you will see absolutely nothing new: the interface, menu, game settings, everything is the same the most!

We recommend that you install this game update as it contains many bug fixes from previous versions of the game. The release of MCPE 0.15.2 has already taken place for all platforms, so switch to this version, and soon 0.15.2 will catch up with multiplayer servers.

For those who still don't know about the main innovations in Minecraft PE 0.15.x — this version now has Realms support. Realms Servers can be played by players with different gaming platforms. For example, your friend is playing the PC version of Minecraft, and you are on iOS or Android, but this allows you to get together. You can also use the 30-day trial version of the Realms feature, after which you will be asked to purchase it. Up to 10 people can play on Realms servers.

This version also contains support for custom texture packs. With the advent of official support for installing texture packs, now a small texture store, like the skin store, has appeared in the Minecraft PE client. The stores now have two sets of textures, each of which costs more than $1.

As well as small, but really popular innovations: pistons, temples in the jungle, new types of villages, horses, riding horses and other animals and much more have been added!

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09 Jul 2016
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