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Portal MINECRAFTPE-MODS.COM acts in accordance with the legislation on data protection and copyright.

All online content is a material which is freely available for viewing and downloading on the Internet. The collection of available online materials and their placement in the directory is done automatically.

Resource MINECRAFTPE-MODS.COM always open to cooperation with rights holders. If Your exclusive rights to objects of author's property rights are violated in any way using this resource (posting copyrighted material), the administration is prepared to assist You and to remove from the site the related materials.

When disputes arise, we ask You to send us a letter electronically, where you should specify the following:

1. Documentary proof of Your rights to material protected by copyright:

- scanned document with the seal or
- email from an official postal domain company holder, or
- other information that uniquely identifies You as the owner of the material.

2. Direct links to the pages that contain the data published with copyright infringement.

Upon receipt of the letter containing this confirmation within 48 hours we will remove from the website any copyrighted content. Or at your request replace the material on you that suits the content from the legal website or Wiki page Minecraft.

For questions, please contact email: [email protected]