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Welcome to our game portal game Minecraft Pocket Edition. Our portal encompasses all content in the game Minecraft Pocket Edition. Ranging from updates to new versions of the game and finishing of small but very useful additions is seeds Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Our site is updated daily with each release of a new update to Minecraft Pocket Edition. At our site you can find mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition, as well as addons for Minecraft Pocket Edition - these two additions to the game are almost identical they all modify the game adding to the gameplay: new mobs, crafting recipes, new blocks, food and other additions to the game.

How do you know where the where script mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition?

All very simple mods to the game have a resolution .mod and addons permission .js. Here is an example of the name of the mod which you can download at our website: Fly in Surveal Mod.mod. Here is an example of squeak: News Commands.js

Just want to mention that mods and scripts for Minecraft Pocket Edition have different installation methods. Mods need to install using PocketTool and scripts with a using Block Launcher.

Just want to remember another very important addition is the same Texture for Minecraft Pocket Edition. You can find in our website in the section Texture Minecraft Pocket Edition, all the textures and all the files are updated after the official texture pack of the author, the Creator of this texture. All new versions of the texture packs we publish in the same publication on the website. You can safely add to your bookmarks favourite texture pack and after the release of a new version of the game just go into this publication with the texture and see if there are no links to download the texture pack for the new version of the game.

Texture packs are different as the author of these textures, there are textures with different resolutions ranging from 8x8 pixels is almost the minimum resolution texture pack, and ending with a maximum resolution for the phone is 256x256 pixels. The most standard resolution texture packs for your phone and computers have a resolution of 16x16 pixels.

Textures improve the graphics quality, textures can make your graphics with true realism - it depends on the texture. The same texture can generate your world so You will find yourself as if in a fairy tale - Your world becomes a cartoon. But there are also more neutral texture which just improve some graphics, units and other game items in Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Section skins Minecraft Pocket Edition you will find a lot of exciting and interesting skins for Minecraft Pocket Edition, as well as build the skins on the same theme. In such assemblies usually collect skins which were previously created on one topic. In one such Assembly may be more than 80 skins.

That's all you all information about Minecraft Pocket Edition you can find on our website in sections or use search on site.