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Install Mods For Minecraft PE

If you have only recently started playing or do not know how to install Minecraft PE mods, then this article will be very interesting to you. In it, we will try to make it very easy to understand and tell you in great detail how to install mods on Minecraft PE. This process is very simple and will not require you to have special knowledge and special skills, everything is very simple.

The first thing we will need is to download a program BlockLauncher PRO in accordance with your version of MCPE.

After you download this app to your phone and install. I think you won't have any problems with that. Next, you need to download mods for Minecraft PE from the corresponding section of our website. If you have already downloaded the necessary modification, then continue. Mods are available in only one resolution .js. So if it has zip archives that are not mods in themselves, then before installing you need to unzip them and extract the mod file and upload it to any convenient location on your phone or tablet:
  • Launching BlockLauncher PRO and click in the top right of the screen icon with a spanner and select “Settings launcher”;
  • In settings find and check the box next to “Enable ModPE scripts”;
  • Then find the item “Manage scripts” and go into it;
  • Next you need to choose the path where the file is stored in your fashion, on your device, to do this click “Add => From the local store” and find the previously saved file on the device;
  • To enable or disable mods, see the “Managing scripts” we need to make a long press on the file name.
  • Now we go into the game using BlockLauncher and enjoy the game in a modified client.

Well, that's it, now you know how to install the Minecraft PE mod of any version. I hope this material was written very easy to understand and you won't have any problems. If you have any questions, we will be glad to see them in the comments.