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EVO Shaders Pack Mod For Minecraft PE,,


EVO Shaders Pack Mod For Minecraft PE,,
Minecraft PE looks very simple due to the fact that it does not provide shaders. This Shader Pack is able to change existing graphics for the better by adding new fogs, glow, realistic rays, improved shadows and wind.

The developer has provided two different versions of shaders, each of which will work correctly only on a specific platform, such as iOS or Android. Currently, work is underway to develop shaders for Windows 10 and Xbox.

Shaders Features

1. Changed permanent lighting. Now the game will be a little lighter during the day and a little darker at night. This is to make the other effects of this shader pack look more beautiful and realistic.
EVO Shaders Pack Mod For Minecraft PE,,
2. Added various fogs. They are present both day and night. If you have long-distance rendering enabled, you can clearly see this effect. It also contributes to improving the graphics in the work of several effects together.
EVO Shaders Pack Mod For Minecraft PE,,
3. Changed standard sun and moon. Now it will look very realistic due to 3D clouds with moving clouds. It will provides a change in brightness at dawn and dusk. With the addition of the above effects, the realistic sun and moon look very believable and realistic.
EVO Shaders Pack Mod For Minecraft PE,,
4. Improved illumination of the glowing blocks, and torch. These light sources will generate light in the same way as in the real world. Now you will no longer see the pixels, instead it will be a smooth superior border primogenial light on their ends. This effect is best seen at night or in the rain.
EVO Shaders Pack Mod For Minecraft PE,,
5. Changed the standard water in MCPE to more realistic with moving waves from the wind. You can build a piers for fishing and enjoy realistic fishing. Also realistic water will add a huge amount of realism in any part of the world.

Shaders Overview


  • Download .mcpack
  • Open it with File-Explorer and run by Minecraft
  • Choose this shaders in Game Settings

Download EVO Shaders Pack Mod For iOS
Download EVO Shaders Pack Mod For Android

16 Feb 2019
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Total comments: 2
It downloaded fine but leaves are very glitchy. Other than that this shader pack is very nice!
Thanks, but this is only the second version of shaders. In the future, all the shortcomings will be eliminated.