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The dungeon in the village Seed For Minecraft PE 1.16.201, 1.16.40


Usually dungeons are generated deep, but not this time. In this case, you will find "the dungeon", which is practically under the open sky. In the cave you will find a skeleton, its neutral camp Spawner, and a chest.

To find spawning skeletons and the dungeon — you don't need to go far. Once you have entered the world of Minecraft Pocket Edition — you will see near the farm, which was generated on the inner side of the mountain. Go to the farm to find the dungeon.

In the chest you will find the following list of items:
  • 2 buckets.
  • 1 iron ingot.
  • 4 bread.
  • 4 gunpowder.

    Some houses have been generated for the district by huge mountains, and scale of one of these homes is staggering.



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