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Survival Village at Spawn Minecraft PE Seed, 1.8,

Survival Village at Spawn Minecraft PE Seed
Survival Village at Spawn - interesting MCPE seed that will move You to the small village, which is unremarkable and not different from the other hundreds of other such villages.

If You don't want to search villages, or You have simply failed to find them, then we agree to help with the problem. Using this seed, You'll move into the village – it is not very big in size, but still it has some advantages.
Survival Village at Spawn Minecraft PE Seed
Let's start with the fact that there is almost everything you need: beds, a couple of houses, a smithy and a lovely smooth biome, where you can continue to expand the village or other own ideas. On the plateau it is possible to construct distinctive buildings and other structures. Everything is in Your hands, do what you think is right in Minecraft PE!
Survival Village at Spawn Minecraft PE Seed
Near the smithy you can find a small area with water, where you can use this resource. Also, in the forge You have the bonus of the starter kit, namely:
  • Iron pickaxe that will allow You to start to produce different kind of resources
  • The Apple (two pieces) – so for example, the initial food
  • The bubble with ink (12 pieces)
  • Gold bars (two pieces)
  • The sprouts of oak (also two pieces)

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    27 Mar 2017
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