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Huge and Stunning Village Seeds for Minecraft PE 1.16.40, 1.16.20


This is a really great seed for survival. In the beginning you appear near the village, in which very many houses, including two smithies, which have chests.

In the village a lot of food, literally it was all filled with hotbeds with Goodies. Literally within 3-5 minutes, you can get about 50 carrots and potatoes 30. It is enough to live a long time in survival mode.

In one of the chests in the forge, you will find three emeralds.

Under the village two mines, be careful, the zombies of day out.

Each side with the village, be sure to first go to the smithy, because often the lava burns all around. Hurry up and put out before the whole village will burn.


08 Nov 2015
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