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Seeds Snow Village for Minecraft PE Android 1.16.40, 1.16.20


Snow Village Seed - village in the snow for Minecraft PE allows you to visit interesting and mysterious village, which is on the edge of a snowy biome. The village is not very big, but we are confident that you will love it and you will find what to do from there.

To get to the village you need to go to the border of a snow biome, guide for you will be large, icy spikes. Because it is on the outskirts and has, though not huge, but not small enough file size, you will not skip.

As I wrote above, most of this snow-covered village, and on its other side will be quite a summer landscape with water features and beautiful flowers.

The main attraction of sid's Snow Village is the smithy, which is located in the heart of the village, and next to it you will find pumpkins. Inside the forge you'll find chests, which will contain:

  • 2 apples
  • 3 bags of ink
  • 1 leggings

    Of course, this seed is unique because only there you can find such a close contact between two worlds, one of which was plunged into the icy cold while the other basks in the summer sunlight.


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