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River Village Seed For Minecraft PE 1.0.4, 1.0.3, 1.0.2
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Seed will generate a village right on the river that Minecraft PE is very rare. To survive in this village is very nice, as you will be surrounded by beautiful environment and a variety of building materials. With a huge amount of wood you will be able to complement the village with their creativity that in the end you can get a real fort post with a water barrier.

This seed generates on the map of the village with a smithy near the coast.
Seed is for Minecraft PE 0.15+.

After spawning You will find You are interested in the village:

The village is situated partly on the river:

Next, of course, there are areas for expansion of the village:

Where do without a blacksmith and its contents:
  • Iron cuirass
  • Apple
  • Bread (3pcs)

    Seed: 999

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