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Perfect Double Village Seed For Minecraft PE, 1.8,

In this seed you will explore two villages located very close to each other. To find them, you need to follow to the left along the river from spawn while you find an array of baked clay.

Right behind him is the village. Also on the other side, near spawn there is a cave. In the village there are many inhabitants who will welcome you to myself. By the way, these two villages are not the only one, if you go through the forest, you can find another village.

And on its left, a little further is another small hamlet. A little further on there is a mushroom biome. Near these many water bodies and forests. The seed has a great feature - here are a lot of different biomes.

So, resources should last well. In General, seed is good, it is perfect for playing with friends.



04 Mar 2017
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