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Desert Village With Blacksmith Seed MCPE 1.16.40, 1.16.20


The village in this seed, generate direct on the beach, which already looks very nice. In Minecraft PE this will help you to quickly get water. As a bonus, the village has a blacksmith that will allow us to award you a small amount of starter items. Also you'll find the forest, which is located near this desert village. Using wood you can be supplemented and strengthened with their creativity this area from the zombies and other monsters.

This seed generates a map in the sand village with a blacksmith.
Seed is for Minecraft PE 0.15+.

As for the search of the village, here's Your spawn:

Turn right and see a village in the distance:

In the village there are genuine trash. A small thing, but still:

Blacksmith, about which I wrote above, here is its content:
  • Obsidian (15pcs)
  • A bottle of ink (6pcs)
  • Bread

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  • 05 Sep 2016
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