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Bonus to start game and two villages Seed For Minecraft PE 1.16.101, 1.16.40


This Seed gives You two good village, one sandy and one simple. Each of them is fraught with bonuses, which I will discuss below. Seed is designed for the version Minecraft PE 0.15+.

Begin, of course, from the point of spawn. When prompted You will see the following:

You must first be rotated fully to the left, and then another half turn. We need direction:

We go in this direction and we see the first village:

It looking for this place and break blocks in search of a room with a colored floor:

Break this floor, but be careful! At the bottom you will have to wait for pressure plate, you need not stepping, break her!!

    Contents of the treasure:
  • Iron ingot (11 PCs)
  • Rotten flesh (13 PCs)
  • Gold ingot (9 PCs)
  • Horse armor (Gold)
  • Enchanted book (Sharpness III)
  • Enchanted book (Sharpness III) *another
  • Bone (21 pieces)
  • Saddle

Well, now we need the next village which is very close:

    We need forge in the village:
  • Ink bag (15 PCs)
  • Iron ingot (3 PCs)
  • Iron sword (2 PCs)
  • Iron leggings
  • Gold ingot (2 PCs)

P. S: this seed has a few more treasures! I advise you to look them in the wilderness.



09 Aug 2016
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