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Amazing Jungle Village Seed For Minecraft PE, 1.8,

In this MCPE seed, you will normally appear in the jungle. But this time the jungle will be slightly different from your usual standard. This time, if you'll turn around and follow along the right edge of the biome of the jungle you will be able to find something not quite normal.

A little to the specified path you will find the so-called "Paradise in the jungle". The Paradise in the jungle is a small village. It looks very beautiful and impressive. Some of the houses in the village even wrapped in vines and look amazing.

In addition to such interesting houses, you will find many different houses that also capture its beauty. Near the village there are also mountain ranges and small reservoirs.

Which is good, because you won't have far to run after resources. Overall seed is good and to play on it a pleasure.



05 Mar 2017
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