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» » Super Swords Mod For Minecraft PE 0.15.6, 0.15.4

Super Swords Mod For Minecraft PE 0.15.6, 0.15.4

2016-08-21, 06:10:56
Rating: 3.5/2

Super Sword is a fun mod in which you will get Minecraft PE 26 new swords. They are all very attractive and frightening to enemies. There are short swords that deal a little damage, but there is a legendary swords that can kill enemy in just one hit.

Material provided by the user SSRenz TV (YouTube channel)

For convenience, a new Arsenal of weapons you can get just by typing in chat /swords. In this present Arsenal of knives, long and short swords, hammers, weapons of good and evil gods, and fantasy weapons.

In General, a good mod for survival mode and playing with friends. Always nice to have in the hands of something similar, and use it against the evil monsters.

ID's items:
ID: 800 Red sword

Are stories that this blade struck by the huge number of monsters, for this reason its color became red forever.

ID: 801 Legendary sword

Legendary weapon of the same God who has mastered all elements of nature. This allows the carrier of this blade to hit any target with one hit.

ID: 802 Star bat

Once upon a time, vampire were surrounded. When duced the light of day, he could not use his super powers that made with magic to construct this small dagger from his wings. In consequence of which, he fought and won.

ID: 803 Knife

This chef's knife is perfect for the destruction of any zombies.
ID: 804 Cosmos

ID: 805 Hammer Diamond

ID: 806 Cgantag

ID: 807 Steel Hammer

ID: 808 Sword candy


Install Super Swords Mod:
Download mod (extension: .modpkg).
Start BlockLauncher Pro.
Click on the Allen key.
Go to "ModPE Script".
Enable mods and click "Add".
Now you need to find the downloaded mod in the file system of your device and click on it.
The mod has an extension .modpkg. Textures will automatically be installed!
Mod and texture installed, enjoy the game!

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Total comments: 2
Wow the dimond hammer crashes my game
Perhaps you have other items with the same ID's?