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Project Super Hero Mod for Minecraft PE 0.14.2, 0.14.1, 0.14.0
, 21:28
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Mod Project Super Hero — this modification adds in Minecraft Pocket Edition world 8 world famous superheroes. One of which is on our screens have appeared from recent time is Deadpool. Mod Project Super Hero (SuperHero Project) will allow You to turn into each of the available super heroes by purchasing its super capabilities, super strength — the ability of all other (selected) super hero! On the list of superheroes is the previously mentioned Deadpool as spider-Man, Superman, Flash and others ...

How to become a superhero?
All things superhero can be obtained in the inventory of creative mode because of the crafting recipes in this fashion is not supported (maybe in the future the crafting recipes will be added). If you want to get the items in survival mode, then use the mod Toolbox, or Simple Commands. If you use the mod Simple Commands, it is possible to get things possible through the command /give

"Nocturnal slacker" is kind of a mutant. He has some amazing abilities, such as stunning dexterity and skill of teleportation and more. He looks like a Ninja (but not a turtle!).

This hero has two elements which you can use. To use the teleportation device — click on the button "lr" on the right side of the screen. So the hero has a stunning than not scared to go to the battlefield.

  • "Nocturnal slacker" — teleport-device (id - 1009)
  • "Nocturnal slacker" — sword (id 1010)
  • "Nocturnal slacker" — mask (id - 1005)
  • "Nocturnal slacker" — bib (id - 1006)
  • "Nocturnal slacker" — pants (id - 1007)
  • "The night idler" — the shoes (id - 1008)

    "Martian hunter" — this character has acquired all the necessary skills to become a really good investigator or detective. Strength, speed and resistance - these are just some of his biological advantages.

    Martian hunter has a device that will allow him to pass through walls (During the passage through the wall — You skin will be black). The Martian also there is a lethal machine.

  • "Martian hunter" — a simple device (ON) (id - 1015)
  • "Martian hunter" — a simple device (OFF) (id - 1016)
  • "Martian hunter" — lethal device (id - 1017)
  • "Martian hunter" mask (id 1011)
  • "Martian hunter" — the bib (id - 1012)
  • "Martian hunter" — pants (id - 1013)
  • "Martian hunter" — the shoes (id - 1014)

    "Wolverine" is known all over the hero. This hero is a mutant who possesses amazing strength. Wolverine has the ability of instant regeneration and an amazing claws to tear Your enemies to pieces.

  • "Wolverine" claws (id - 1022)
  • "Wolverine" mask (id - 1018)
  • "Wolverine" — bib (id - 1019)
  • "Wolverine" — pants (id - 1020)
  • "Wolverine" — boots (id - 1021)

    "Spider-man" — this superhero is not just what the speed and agility of a spider. Ego special tool is its web, which is used in cases, when you click upon the earth. The web can be used as traps. Since the web has a property of slowing down characters, you can permanently block the movement of your enemies, thereby winning for himself a little time.

  • "Spider-man" — spider web (id - 1027)
  • "Spider-man" mask (id - 1023)
  • "Spider-man" — the bib (id - 1024)
  • "Spider-man" — pants (id - 1025)
  • "Spider-man" — the shoes (id - 1026)

    "Deadpool" is an extraordinary superhero. He has a black sense of humor, and heck superhero, Superman has not.

    This superhero has two elements: a katana and teleport. Click on ground teleport to teleport. Katana You just have to fight.

  • "Deadpool" — katana (id - 1032)
  • "Deadpool" — teleport (id 1033)
  • "Deadpool" mask (id - 1028)
  • "Deadpool" — bib (id - 1029)
  • "Deadpool" — pants (id - 1030)
  • "Deadpool" — the shoes (id - 1031)

    "Hulk" is green and incredibly strong character. It has two elements that you can pick up, one of whom will throw it in the sky, and the second is that explosive hand that when used will blow up all around him.

  • "Hulk" — the hand (id - 1038)
  • "Hulk" — explosives (id 1039)
  • "Hulk" — head (id - 1034)
  • "Hulk" — the bib (id - 1035)
  • "Hulk" — pants (id - 1036)
  • "Hulk" — the shoes (id 1037)

    Superman — this hero has almost all of the existing opportunities. To this super-abilities include the ability to fly, super-speed, incredible strength, super agility, regeneration, fire resistance and breath under water. Also Superman has a laser mechanism.

    Laser element Superman has two abilities. Click on the mode terrestrial activity — it will deactivate the flight mode. You can click on the button — "Laser" located on the right side of the screen, then You will begin to shoot flaming arrows.

  • "Superman" — laser (id 1044)
  • "Superman" — mask (id - 1040)
  • "Superman" — the bib (id - 1041)
  • "Superman" — pants (id 1042)
  • "Superman" — the shoes (id 1043)

    "Flash" — the main feature of this hero is that he is the fastest in comparison with other super-heroes. Flash also has the ability to turn liquid into solid ice.

  • "Flash" — mask (id - 1001)
  • "Flash" — the bib (id - 1002)
  • "Flash" — pants (id - 1003)
  • "Flash" — the shoes (id - 1004)

    Install Project Super Hero:
    Download mod
    Start BlockLauncher Pro.
    Click on the Allen key.
    Go to "ModPE Script".
    Enable mods and click "Add".
    Now you need to find the downloaded mods in the file system of your device and select them.
    Mod is installed and you install a texture!

    Install texture Project Super Hero:

    Start BlockLauncher Pro.
    Click on the Allen key.
    Go to Settings BL.
    Enable textures.
    Go to Texture pack and click Import.
    Now you need to find the downloaded texture pack in the file system of your device and click on it.
    Mod and texture installed, enjoy the game!

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