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Multiplayer Servers Master APK For MCPE Android 1.9.0, 1.8.0


Multiplayer Master APK For MCPE
Multiplayer Master is a program for Android, which allows you to get a huge list of online servers for Minecraft PE, and will provide an opportunity to create your own server for multiplayer games.

In addition to the normal survival in Minecraft Pocket Editon, players can try to survive with other players from around the world with Multiplayer Master. This program installs in just a few clicks, and its functionality is superior to standard multiplayer from Mojang. It's all thanks to the developers who are working a long time. You will be able to create or join one of many servers in Multiplayer Master.
Multiplayer Master APK For MCPE

How to use Multiplayer Master?

After the first login to the app, you have the opportunity to make the standard settings. For example, you can select your version of Minecraft Pocket Edition, the genre of servers (Mini-games, survival, creative, PvP, Sky Wars, etc.), and you can choose your region to reduce ping and to play with players who understand your language.
Multiplayer Master APK For MCPE

Features Multiplayer Master

Easy to use. The program is designed so that any player can immediately sort out the interface and other functions for further use of the application.
Flexibility in the settings. You can set filters to search for servers, and to create your own server for a certain genre.
Multiplayer Master APK For MCPE
Absolutely free. Multiplayer Master - is a free program that exists through your donations. You do not need to pay a monthly subscription.
Own internal servers. Multiplayer Master have multiple servers around the world. It allows you to play with low ping and high speed data transmission.

21 Apr 2017
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