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» » Arcade games Mod, Map & Textures For Minecraft PE 0.15.6, 0.15.0

Arcade games Mod, Map & Textures For Minecraft PE 0.15.6, 0.15.0

2015-11-10, 20:43:39
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If you love arcade games and play Minecraft PE modification Arcade Mod will allow you to add in the game, 8 different games, ranging from Snakes and ending with Mario. After installing this mod will take you on a flat map on which games will "monitor" for each of the 8 game, namely:
- Pac-Man
- Pong
- Super Snake
- Galacta
- Aerial Attack
- Runner
- Frogger
- Mario vs Donkey Kong

All games will be as far as possible in the terms of Minecraft PE to match the original, of course it's not exact copies and they are deprived of functionality, but is ideal for players who are already tired of all the usual gameplay in Pocket Edition. If you're looking for something not normal then mod Arcade Mod you will love it.


1. Unpack the archive according to the instructions here;
2. ARCADE MOD folder placed in /games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds/
3. Folder Dr_L_ARCADE_SND to put in /Download (otherwise the sounds will not)
4. Connect script ARCADE_MOD_V2.5.js through BlockLauncher Pro

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