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Money / Economy Mod For Minecraft PE 1.12.0, 1.11.1, 1.10.0


Money mod for Minecraft PE adds economy to your world! Now you can earn money to go to the store and buy new items and sell items to earn money. Also money is earned by killing mobs, mining ore, there is a job for which you give money.

Mod features:

  • You get money for killing mobs, mining ores and assignments
  • You have tasks you should perform for it you get money
  • In the beginning you will have 50$
  • Every day is different price items in the store
  • You will be able to invest the money on Sunday you will know your investment won or lost.

  • List of commands:

  • /shop - go to the store to buy something
  • /buy [number of items] - buy thing
  • /balance shows your balance
  • /specialshop – special shop
  • /specialbuy [nomer things] buying things in a special shop
  • /loan [amount] – take the credit
  • /payloan to repay the loan
  • /addmoney [amount] – get money
  • /removemoney [amount] – get money
  • /next day – following day to do
  • /reset – do reset( reboot) fashion and you will return to the beginning mode
  • /invest [amount] – to invest money
  • /sell items – list of items that you can sell
  • /sell hand – sell the item which you hold in your hand
  • /sell price – shows the price of the subject which hold in your hand
  • /companies – list of companies in which you can invest money

  • Updated: modification compatible with 1.11.x versions

    25 Jul 2016
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