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Meteors Mod For Minecraft PE iOS and Android 1.8, 1.7


Mod adds 9 different meteorites in Minecraft PE that can randomly fall around the world. They are very dangerous because they can hurt not only you but also your buildings!

How to install?

Start MCPE Master / BlockLauncher Pro.
Click on the Allen key from the top, then "Settings" and "Texturepack". Now click "Import" and find textures for the mod (Meteors Mod Texture - Dr
Now you need to go back into the settings, click "ModPE Script", click "Add", find the downloaded script (mod) in the file system of your device and click on it (Meteors_Mod_V2.js)
Mod installed!

How does it work?

Enter the command: /met start

Then the meteors will begin to fall off randomly. Also in chat at the approach of the meteorite will show up messages in the form of news. These meteorites there is a small benefit - with them you can collect resources.

To disable broadcasting of news and meteorites, enter the chat command: /met end

And you can create a meteorite near you by typing: /met create

Call of meteorites and their types

In addition to commands, you have the opportunity to Caspionet any meteorite summoning the egg in your inventory Creative regime.

The usual meteorite

Snow meteorite

A fiery meteorite

Monster meteorite

Meteor from the glowing stones

Infernal meteor

There are also eggs of summoning small meteors. Some fall and smoke, and other Postiguet.

All commands:
  • /met start – turns randomly falling meteorites and broadcasting of news
  • /met end – off meteors and broadcasting
  • /met spawn – random spawned meteorites
  • /met broadcast – toggles broadcasting of news
  • /met create – generates the meteors close to the player
  • /met storm – includes a rain of small meteorites

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