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Modern Piston House Map For Minecraft PE 1.16.40, 1.16.20


Piston House Map for Minecraft PE allows You to play in a new, very modern, cozy and beautiful house, which consists entirely of various Redstone mechanisms and pistons. That is, this structure has many properties, features and capabilities. To find out all the details, read this description to the end, and it is better to download and install the addon, it'd be more interesting.

Outside, the house looks very nice, you could even say neat and compact. Inside the same, is all the stuffing and all the charm. Immediately call your friends to brag about their new shelter, they will be delighted.

Recommended in the beginning to find a hidden staircase, thanks to it You will find a secret room, and inside it is the mechanisms. That's not all, but the main and best part of house.

Breeding cows, pigs, sheep and other animals in the house! For this all conditions: there are corrals, automated tools for raising cattle and other mechanisms.

You should pay special attention to the fireplace – if throw any wood inside, it automatically starts to burn, isn't it great? Real magic!

Map Piston House prepared for You from two floors, but unfortunately on the second floor is practically nothing, basically it is the lounge, where there is nothing but beds.

But you can customize it, add a couple of necessary elements and to make the gameplay more interesting and enjoyable.

Install Modern Piston House Map

  • Download the map
  • Remove the map from the archive
  • Move the map by path: "/games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds"
  • Go in Minecraft PE > Play > Select the installed map
  • Enjoy the game!

09 Mar 2017
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