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House Maps MCPE

Japanese Gigantic City Minecraft PE Map
A huge Japanese city in Minecraft PE will give you the opportunity to explore the industry of this island country.

Rich Redstone Mansion Minecraft Bedrock Map
Now you do not need to bother about building your own house, because it is easier to download an already built house with a bunch of Redstone mechanisms.

Best Safe House Map For Minecraft PE Bedrock
This is the best safe house in Minecraft PE. Around him built a huge number of Redstone mechanisms and command blocks.

Best Smart AI House Minecraft PE Bedrock Map
This is the best house that contains the most advanced technology, furniture and decor. Most of the rooms have built-in artificial intelligence, which will facilitate daily care.

New Redstone House Minecraft PE Map
This house contains the most advanced development of Redstone, command blocks and many mechanisms of Education Edition, because the author used all the innovations of Minecraft 1.4.

Auto Defensive House Minecraft PE Bedrock Map
You afraid that the monsters will again make their way into your house in Minecraft PE? Automatic Defensive House will turn a plain house into a fortress.

Mystic Hotel Minecraft PE Bedrock Map
Mystic Hotel map was literally created for those players of Minecraft who prefer a home comfort rather than noisy worlds of servers. There are many interesting – see for yourself!

Colored City Minecraft PE Bedrock Map
Colored City map, which is unique because of its construction. They are made in multicolored palette. All the buildings look very nice and cartoonish.

Antrim Mansion Minecraft Bedrock Engine Map
Inspired by the projects of the company Antrim House Wellington, one of the players created in Minecraft PE Antrim Mansion is bigger on the inside than the outside.

The Biggest City Minecraft PE Map Bedrock
The map is a project of the city in Minecraft PE, which will soon set a record for the duration of the development. It was assumed that it was quickly abandoned, but this did not happe...

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