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MindDud Puzzle Map for Minecraft PE iOS, Android 1.16.101, 1.16.40


If you like to solve various problems and Minecraft PE puzzles, then the card MindDud PE will allow you to try your hand and go through 10 different levels of difficulty, each of which will be put before you more complex problems that can be solved will be using only your wits and clues that you will find on the labels.

Map MindDud PE will be primarily interesting to people who like it long and thoughtfully to solve the problems in front of them puts the game Minecraft PE on this map there is almost no fun and fun, this card is not about that.

The rules of the game:
  • You can place blocks only at the expense of other blocks.
  • Sand shower: allows you to place wooden blocks, half-blocks and any other wood blocks.
  • Sandstone (polished, smooth): allows you to place the falling blocks (sand, gravel, etc.).
  • Quartz block: any type of stone blocks.

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