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Puzzle Maps MCPE

Saw: Game vs Designer Minecraft PE Map
Showing map of "Saw: Game vs. Designer" based on one of the most popular franchises - "Saw". A complete walkthrough of the map can take 1-2 hours and You have to go through lots of puzzles, ...

Dancing Games Minecraft PE Bedrock Edition Map
Perhaps you once met a Japanese dance machines in malls? This Minecraft 1.2 Bedrock Engine Map is an exact copy of these devices. The essence is simple: just waiting for the ...

On the Brink of Survival Minecraft PE Bedrock Map
In this map you have to first survive, and then find the exit and escape. You Wake up in an enclosed glass space, which resembles a huge building. This is another exper...

Sky Parkour New Type Minecraft PE Bedrock Map
Finally it is done! Now maps are not simple add-ons for Minecraft, they are now a full games in the game. This maps has a brand new type of parkour, which makes it very challen...

Phase Parkour 2 Minecraft PE Map
This map is a place where you can continue to learn the skills of parkour. In the previous part you could learn to pass through routes from the servers, and now it is real and hardcore.

Phase Parkour Minecraft PE Bedrock Edition Map
On this map you will be able step by step to improve your parkour skills. For this created a special 10 levels, each of which eventually becomes complicated.

Space Wormhole Minecraft PE Map
On this map you will learn about how to with two hadron colliders humanity has managed to bend space to wormhole, so you can get to any point of space and time.

Network Mazes Minecraft PE Map
Network Mazes map — Minecraft PE map built several different mazes, the passage of which is breathtaking. Each of which is made in his style and will require a unique solution to pass.

Hard Labyrinth Minecraft PE Map
The author of this map promises that this is a truly epic maze that you have ever seen in the gaming world of MCPE. The chance of it being full of passing are slim to none.

Unknown Quest Minecraft PE Map
You decide to take the unknown quest in one of the villagers, who promised the great reward. Arriving at the coordinates you entered the house and quickly lost consciousness.

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