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Puzzle Maps MCPE

Halloween Begins Minecraft PE Map iOS/Android
This map is created in the style of the upcoming Halloween. It built a huge maze, as well as a huge number of decorations.

Find the Plate Puzzle Minecraft PE Map
This map is another puzzle game where you need to find very well hidden pressure plates. After passing 10 levels, you will open several bonus levels where it will be almost impossible to fin...

Dynamic Maze Minecraft PE Map
We present you a new generation of mazes in Minecraft Bedrock - dynamically changing mazes.

FTB Aquatic Mini-Game Minecraft PE Bedrock Map
The search button comes in the Aquatic World. Try to find the secret button on various small levels, which are fully decorated with blocks, plants and mobs from the underwate...

Find the button on the farms MCPE Bedrock Map 1.6, 1.5, 1.4.4
This map is created in the style of puzzles and search for some items. You will be asked to find buttons that are hidden in small areas densely ...

This map is a huge puzzle. You need to think about each step before you decide to do something. With you can happen anything, so look closely to every detail, because every detail can give a hint.

Professional Puzzles Minecraft PE Map
Professional puzzles is a map in which even the most logical solutions do not work, so we recommend that you run the update only to those MCPE players who can boast of nerves of steel and wit.

TOP 3 Mini-Games Minecraft PE Bedrock Map
This map combines the three best and most interesting mini-games in one place! Believe me, nothing like that in Minecraft PE you haven't tried!

Pack of Random Arcades Minecraft PE Map
This Map is a collection of top arcade mini-games that are found in the vastness of Minecraft PE servers. Among them you can select TNT Run, Random Structures, Survival games and 10 other ...

Logic and Redstone Minecraft PE Bedrock Map
On this map, you can perfectly stretch your logic with puzzles from Redstone. The difficulty increases with each level. All you have to do is turn on or off the levers that activat...

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