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Serious Chicken Minecraft PE Map iOS, Android 1.11, 1.10.0,


Serious Chicken Minecraft PE Map
So, if you're a fan of chickens or hens, then maybe this map is for a player like you. After all, you'll be able to kill those winged and very tasty birds. This is mainly a parkour Minecraft PE map with a little maze and travel.
Chicken on the Serious Chicken map is a small obstacle that you can if you want to get rid of. Or rather, this will be your main task that you should handle, unless of course you want to pass this map! But along the way you will have to overcome quite a lot of complex puzzles and demonstrate mastery of parkour. Although the test parkour will not take much of your time, because they are pretty easy, but part of this map, which is associated with logical puzzles can require quite a lot of your time and effort!

Serious Chicken Minecraft PE Map
Serious Chicken Minecraft PE Map
Serious Chicken Minecraft PE Map

Install Serious Chicken Map

  • Download the map
  • Remove the map from the archive
  • Move the map by path: "/games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds"
  • Go in Minecraft PE > Play > Select the installed map
  • Enjoy the game!

14 May 2017
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