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MindDud Map For Minecraft PE 1.0.4, 1.0.3, 1.0.2
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If you like puzzle games, then this maps is for you. MindDud puzzle map - the spirit of Christmas to Minecraft PE has a rather high level of difficulty and go through it very quickly you unlikely. The card consists of four challenging levels, during which you must put together the pieces of the puzzle and successfully cope with the task.

If logic is your strong point, then MindDud puzzle map - the spirit of Christmas to Minecraft PE sure you on the shoulder. It is made in the style of Christmas holidays and looks very elegant. At the locations there are some specific blocks that you can do certain manipulations. Polished granite allows you to place blocks the location, polished diorite created to accommodate the snow, on the sand shower you will be able to place any wooden block, and Infernal stone you can place any element associated with the Redstone.

The passage of the card available in the game mode creative.

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