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Semi-automatic farm (II version) in Minecraft PE


In this guide I will teach You how to build a semi-automatic farm with pistons in Minecraft PE. This farm will allow the player to easily harvest from the garden.

Let's start. Dig up the garden and install pistons in the following manner:

For the pistons will make a hole with a depth of 1 unit, by setting it the repeaters and Redstone:

Close the blocks in the right place (on the screenshot is not closed space around the piston, set it to 1 unit on both sides, so that when activated, the water from leaking):

To sum up the signal to the pistons:

The ledge in case the water leaks out:

Fill with water intended place for it:

Seeded the beds, for example, beets:

Is installed at the beginning of the schema of the lever will activate the mechanism and wipe out our crops:

When re-switching of the lever will release water beds.

04 Oct 2016
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