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What can be done with Emeralds in Minecraft PE?


Game world Minecraft PE is constantly improving and evolving. It is therefore logical that in addition to the single player are available to each player, began to appear the whole village inhabitants, with whom it was possible to contact, making the trade. The new functional currency became emeralds.

It is through these gems, it was possible to amass a large fortune. And yet, with this stone, you can greatly enhance the function of the lighthouse. Given the fact that you have it.

Methods of searching for the emeralds
So emerald to find, lying on the path, the game will not be easy. But, you can get emerald ore, from which it is crafted the right amount of trading currency. Find clusters of valuable ore in mountain biomes. Height is searches the interval from 5 to 29 level. Noticing the breed — you need to get a pickaxe enchanted with a spell "Silk touch", made of durable material (usually iron or diamonds), and hit the emerald ore. At successful coincidence of circumstances will fall out of the emerald block. You hide it and don't rush to revise. After using enchanted picks "at random" may fall a lot more emeralds than with a simple tool.

Another way to get emeralds is their craft in the oven. The user will need charcoal (taken in the stove or in the mine) and emerald ore. Melting which ensures obtainment of trading currency.

If the player has no time on quite a difficult path for the extraction of the above-mentioned precious stones, you should think about selling any items to the villagers. That will significantly reduce the distance for the extraction of the required quantity of emeralds.

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