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Rabbit in Minecraft PE


This guide was created for players who want to know everything about the mobs. Here I will tell You about the rabbit in Minecraft: Pocket Edition.

Rabbit refers to friendly mobs(Not attacking the player, even if he attacked them).

The rabbit is a mob that will spawn in the following biomes: plains, mountain, forest, birch forest, taiga, swamp, jungle, mega taiga, Savannah. The mob was put into Minecraft: PE relatively recently, has several colors:

What about the behavior of rabbits? Usually they just jump on the site, and with the appearance of the player nearby, start to run away. To draw rabbit, you need to pick up a carrot or a dandelion, then the rabbit will follow the player.

And what about reproduction? To breed rabbits, you need to use a carrot, gold carrot or dandelion. This Bunny baby will have a color of the parent which you fed first. Duration of growth of a baby rabbit is 20 minutes. The growth of a baby rabbit can also be expedited, feed him carrots. You need to keep in mind that if breeding was used a carrot or a dandelion, you should change the subject in hand, otherwise the rabbits will follow the player and not to reproduce.

Well, this rabbits of all.

29 Aug 2016
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