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In Minecraft PE how to tame the skeleton?


Having met in the vastness of Minecraft, such a belligerent mob like a skeleton — the player wants not only to win, but to use for the benefit for their own purposes. Wondering how to tame the skeleton — the user then does is looks for the answer to this question. But alas, to tame this strong Mob player is not given. The only way to use the skeleton for in the purposes is to study the features (equipment) combat with him, as well as other features of the behavior of this hostile creatures.

Fight with skeleton

At the initial stage, find out what can mob the skeleton. So, it occurs in dark caves and other areas where there is no lighting. Most often mob roams the site at night. Fire and light, he is afraid, as it lights up and dies. Defeat the mob in the water more difficult than on earth — keep this in mind, engaging in battle in the middle distance. Shoot it better from afar, so be able to defend themselves from the arrows of the skeleton, using the shelter. The closer the player is, the stronger and more arrows skeleton. Tamed wolf, you can join in the fight with the skeletons with renewed vigor, because the skeletons are afraid of wolves.

The only way to take possession of the skeleton is to stand inside the mob. Hence to get so that you can easily strike the skeleton, he can't even shoot a bow.

27 Dec 2015
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