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How to save in Minecraft PE?


Currently, many are unaware are interested in how to survive in minecraft. The best option is to go to bed, but unfortunately day to go to sleep. After Your character is moved in a dream, the time of day will change immediately in the morning. Yet it is equally important that Your bed was in the place where it is safe enough and You can attack monsters and animals during the sleep.

Created bed in a safe place serves as a point of no return (respawn). This point allows the character at any time to return "home" even after death. If the bed is broken the return home would be impossible.

How to survive multiplayer in Minecraft PE?

The method is still the same, but now it is not enough only to wait for the night and craft a bed. At the same time You go to bed have all players of the server, otherwise nothing will happen. But for the point of return it is not necessary that each went to his bed, enough to lie down for a couple of seconds and place will be set.

Network minecraft server is usually very large and therefore don't forget to craft your bed to the nearest or your own house. This bed will become a place your teleport in any dangerous case.

07 Dec 2015
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